Op-Eds / Reports (she wants these front and center) 
State of SIE (this is the link to the full report but her pages are 138-141, not sure if you want to link the whole thing in one section and maybe her pages in a “featured” section of the site?)
The Movie is the Message
Second Spark Change Summit examines ability of mainstream media to make an impact
Artists rallying to ‘disappeared’ women of Juarez / Muralists’ tribute to be displayed at today’s march
‘Stand Up For Something’ Being Used As Rallying Call For Gun Violence Prevention Movement
Michael B. Jordan Talks ‘All About the Heart’ Approach to Making Inclusive Films
Outstanding Latinos Named Local Heroes; Eleven Californians Recognized for Contributions to Communities
She was in JP’s book, The Enough Moment, 

Preview YouTube video Bonnie Abaunza on the successful grassroots impact PR campaign for the film Blood Diamond

Preview YouTube video Bonnie Abaunza , 25th Year Anniversary of “Yentl”

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