Food, Inc.

Food Inc. was one of the highest grossing documentaries of 2009, was nominated for an Academy Award and the campaign supported the first major piece of food safety legislation since the 1930s.  The social action campaign, engaged NGOs and stakeholders from the food safety, animal rights, environmental, and children’s’ health arenas. The film significantly advanced the movements focusing on locally sourced foods, anti-factory farming, and anti-GMO foods.

  • Food, Inc. was a powerful gateway for viewers who hadn’t committed to the cause yet and, of the people who saw the film, over 50% said it changed their lives.
  • Passage of an improved Childhood Nutrition Reauthorization Act.
  • Lobby day(s) in Washington, D.C.
  • 200,000 signatures on petition advocating for reauthorization of Childhood Nutrition Act
  • 50,000 downloads of a curriculum; 20,000 hardcopies distributed to high schools
  • Online step-by-step case study for state activists on how to prepare and advocate for passage of menu labeling legislation fro fast food restaurants
  • 21 NGOs partnered on campaign
  • Advocacy for enforcement of farmworker protection laws in California, Washington and Iowa protecting farmers from extreme heat conditions by ensuring access to water and limiting exposure to the pesticide endosulfin.

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