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Bonnie Abaunza, founder of the Abaunza Group, has dedicated her life to humanitarian work, human rights and social justice advocacy. Founder of Artists for Amnesty International, she ran the program for seven years, followed by leadership of Social Action for Participant Media. Before founding the Abaunza Group, Bonnie directed the philanthropic foundation for Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer. She has served as a consultant for the United Nations’ International Labour Organization. The Abaunza Group produces high level social impact campaigns for films, documentaries and critical causes.

The Abaunza Group’s work has touched nearly every aspect of human rights, as she has brought hard-hitting campaigns and major celebrity engagement to issues as diverse as child slavery, campus sexual assault, ethnic cleansing, and much more.

“Bonnie is the Wizardess of Oz in the human rights community. Look behind the curtain on many of the key campaigns and there she is.”

John Prendergast

Founding Director, Enough! Project, to the Los Angeles Times

Blood Diamond

For years, the human rights community had been raising awareness about conflict diamonds. Amnesty International and Global Witness worked with Warner Bros. on an impact campaign that helped educate and mobilize the global public.

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The National Domestic Workers Alliance, CACEH (Centro de Apoyo y Capacitacion para Empleadas del Hogar) and Participant Media partnered a culture change campaign aimed at raising the visibility and value of domestic workers in the US, Mexico and abroad.

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The Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground is a piercing, monumental exposé of rape culture on campuses, poised to light a fire under a national debate. The film and social action campaign shined a spotlight on the epidemic of campus sexual assaults.

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Food, Inc.

Food Inc. was one of the highest grossing documentaries of 2009, was nominated for an Academy Award and the campaign supported the first major piece of food safety legislation since the 1930s.

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In the most widely used structure of social impact campaigns, organizations partner with studios and filmmakers on projects that can be mutually beneficial.